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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Behind you...
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: My dad. I'm so shameless
Favourite style of art: Good art
Operating System: Anything
MP3 player of choice: Ipod touch
Shell of choice: Blastoise, but only if i get those cannons. No? Bowser.
Skin of choice: Does anyone else think of Silence of the Lambs when they read this?
Favourite cartoon character: Kyo, Momiji, Shigure and Kagura Sohma. If you insist on cartoons then Tom and Jerry.
Personal Quote: Thinking inside the box doesn't leave much room to work with.
This is a short-term journal, but I figured you guys should at least know I'm actually doing with myself right now. Basically, I was waiting to upload the next chapter of Winner Takes All until I had finished the chapter plan of the original fiction series I mentioned last journal, and after a ridiculously long time I can gladly announce that that has finally happened! I'll upload Winner Takes All on Monday. All I will say is... brace yourself.

EDIT: My eternal war with the dA file size limitation rages on. It probably won't be ready today, actually. It will be ready as soon as possible.

The next thing after that will be an update for Back And Forth, and then at least a couple of chapters, if not a few more, of the new story! I'll do my best to strike up a reasonable balance from there - I've got the balance for the Pokeumans stories all figured out, so now I've just got to get that right alongside the new series. Shouldn't be hard... Managed it with the Nuzlocke for goodness knows how long, didn't I? Either way, there shouldn't be too much waiting on either side. If there is, I'm trusting you guys to tell me. Either way, this is going to be fun.
Oh, and FTTS is coming along nicely, thank you. Big shout out to Ryusuta and EddyXS for offering to help me with some of the last bits - that means a lot to me, I can't express it enough.

As a little teaser, here's what I'm pitching as the first draft of the blurb to the new original series, Perception:


Imagine a world, somewhat like our own if you ignore the giant dragon screaming its way overhead. If someone was tipped into such a world of fantasy straight out of our own it would be an entirely new experience for them, full of exciting ways to get yourself known and killed (in that order). There would certainly be plenty of new people in it to encounter, even if there doesn't seem to be much way of getting back home - it's just a shame that not all of these people would have their best intentions at heart.

There's a unit of armed militia seemingly out to undercut one of the nation's biggest and most-depended on corporations, as if they weren't running out of money already. There's kidnapping of a centaur, and magic getting into places - and hands - that it shouldn't be. There's an assassin with time on his hands and a woman with more gadgets than a James Bond movie. The magic field is fluctuating. The army is manned by cyborgs. The werewolves are moving south for the summer. What the world could do with is a hero.

What the world's got includes Jason (slowly getting used to the idea that he might be in an alternate dimension), Lucian (a short-tempered drifter who freaks out small animals by just passing them), Suzie (whose natural prankster talents are enhanced by being completely invisible), Lucy (a lady of the realm who's looking for a way not to be) and Dexter (temporally unstable, for whom time travel is as natural as breathing and in some cases as frequent). This... could be a problem. Hopefully they and their companions will be able to pull this one through - if they can't, there's going to be trouble for all of us. Which may only be the start of our problems.

Oh yes. And it's got a bear in it.
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Still working through my iPod.
  • Reading: Mogworld.
  • Watching: Lucahjin - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
  • Playing: Skullgirls, still.

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