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Chapter 8.5: A Spot Of Tea

In a different part of the multiverse, Beatrice Phidel closed the window and gazed out thoughtfully into the evening sky. Summer evenings were always pleasant - sweltering heat becoming soothing cool as the sky turned dark by shades. At the point of sunset, it was almost as if the sky itself was being coloured in by the orange glow of the Bidfold-on-Trent streetlights writ large. Of course, that wasn't for a couple of hours - but there was no need to rush an evening like this.

No need at all. She gracefully walked over to the patterned sofa she had been resting on just before, ignoring the obnoxious braying of next-door's dog from outside, and lay back again with the peaceful sigh of a good day well used. Letting her hair fall where it landed, Beatrice meticulously picked a spot off her skirt and then reached out to the old wooden sideboard. Perfect. Her tea had just cooled to the right temperature. This was all you could ask for, she thought to herself as she took a long sip from the gilt-edged cup. Yes, the front room wasn't in perfect condition, and there was still some work that needed finishing for school and her father was working hard on the upstairs desktop as always. But he was doing that for his family, Beatrice knew, and she could already smell the meal that had been left earlier to slow-cook for them all. It would be delicious, as always. Beatrice smiled confidently. It was an evening that could peacefully stretch into forever.

And then she felt it.

It was like a sharp slap across the front of the mind. Her eyes widened momentarily and the teacup shook in her hand. For a second she tried to discern the shape of her feeling, her expression knotting as it slowly became clearer.

'Oh!' she exclaimed to the empty front room, eyes wide in surprise. 'He's doing it! Jason's finally doing it!'

She'd been waiting for this.
I blasted this out in one go, since it was so short. This only warrants a part-chapter, given its length and level of importance... but I still feel it's worth including. Maybe she's not so crazy after all.

By the way, I'm going to start uploading Perception pretty soon onto Wordpress as well. That's not very important for anyone reading it here, but I feel it worth mentioning since I'm typing this already.

Next: Beatrice already knows what will happen next chapter.
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yellowfire7 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
But what is he doing?  WHAT IS HE DOING?
Man-in-crowd-4 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016
The details are fuzzy to her, but the important thing is that he's doing exactly what she said he would be doing. And, indeed, that he said he wouldn't.

Thank you very much indeed for reading all these chapters so far, it truly means a lot to me. I'm thinking, though, that I'm going to give this series a top-down. It's not getting scrapped or cancelled in any way, but... Looking at my plans for it, a lot of things look not right with the series as a whole. There's too many characters, and some of them are filling frankly unnecessary roles. And some are fine for this series but then are in a difficult position for any future sequels (which believe me, there are plans for). So I'm thinking I'm going to put a brake on and work out what I want to do with each of these issues and correct them, to cut the dross and awkward chunks out of the plotline. And then I'm going to re-write these first chapters to be in line with these new changes.
Don't panic, this isn't a big re-write. 99% of the background world will be same (if anything, it'll just be expanded upon), as will ~70% of the cast and 60-80% of the story. But I want to tidy this up. I'm actually really excited about this - now I have the chance to get it right rather than just get it at all. Thank you for sticking with it so far - hopefully, this will all just make it better as a result.
yellowfire7 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
So, uh, does this mean the future isn't fixed?  It's malleable?  He really could have done something other than what she predicted?

I've been enjoying them!

That is something that I always thought was strange about this "upload a chapter when you finish that chapter" that we all do.  You don't get the chance to look back from future chapters, say "Hey wait, I should do this instead" and change it.  I mean, obviously you still can because you're going to, but it's a different thing to edit something already out there.  I guess what I'm saying is- go right ahead!
Man-in-crowd-4 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016
No, more that she's not good with specifics. She doesn't know exactly what he's doing, but the shape of it is what she expected.

Thank you very much. I've considered that too - but then again, I can go back and make rolling update posts much easier in this format, so it goes both ways.
I think the main that needs adjusting is the bad guys' establishment. Most of the protagonists and almost all the setting is fine. Hopefully means it won't take as long as it could otherwise!
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