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It's simple, really. It was much too stressful.

I'm keeping this simple. I had taken, for some time now, a very unhelpful approach to my writing. I wasn't really enjoying it that much. I felt obliged to meet non-existent deadlines to maintain the interest of people I had projected my own impatience onto. I felt the need to be involved with every admin discussion in Pokeumans, to be reading as many things as possible, to re-create what I still feel were my glory days of having read the entire Pokeumans gallery and every new member having known my face. And I can't do that. It's changed. I'm at uni now, that makes me busy. But even just writing chapters got this - I felt the need to work on them as fast as possible even when people told me there was no rush, because if I didn't I feared people would lose all interest. I wasn't writing when I wanted to, I was writing as much as I could. And while my series themselves were what I wanted to be writing, the way I was writing them in terms of sitting down and typing was unhealthy. And, it has to be said, I was investing a lot of mental and actual effort on relationships with people that I barely knew on here. The idea was to build up that relationship with them and try and make more online friends, which I don't regret, but even so it was disproportionate in some cases. And, well, I have friends in real life too. I love you guys dearly and sincerely call many of you my friends, but I also want to get close to people who live in the same city as me as well.

Now I've got a lot better at these. This is me having actually made a lot of improvements over the last few months, and maybe dredging a little. But it still stands. So I'm taking a break from writing. If it's that stressful, I'm going to turn it off, go away a bit and then turn it on again in a more default setting (good analogy for it). I will still see posts. I will still leave comments. I will still talk to people. I am not quitting DA in any sense. And mark my words, I will start writing again at some point. It's my favourite hobby. But I need to straighten out my approach to it first, so I'm leaving it be for now. Once I've worked out how to read posts and write for fun, rather than for pressure, and as a hobby rather than something that I feel needs I will be back. But if nothing else, I have exams coming up for the next two weeks.

This also means I am taking a break from the Pokeumans Admin Area, until I figure out how to approach that well too. Again, I will be back.
I think this is what I write the majority of my journals about lately, but I like to keep people posted.

In a sentence, uni work has been trying to very, very hard to rob me of all my free time ever, mostly attributable to two solid weeks of assignments knocking my revision note schedule out the window.
In two sentences, my planned re-work of some of the plot elements for Perception is also taking a lot longer than I thought it would (see above), but I still want to do that before I write anything Pokeumans-y because I'm not good at parallel processing this stuff.

Yup. The good news, though, is that I'm in more of a lull period of assignments at the moment so fingers crossed for catchup, and I'm very close to finishing the stuff for Perception - just need to sort out one character, do a little extra world-building and make a handful of edits. Then, as promised a long, long time ago, I will be gradually submitting those chapters to Wordpress. During that time, Pokeumans is going to be my main writing focus again. Once I have time to give, I'll gladly give it.

Just to let you all know where I'm up to atm. We shall persevere!

Oh, and also: I haven't been Pokémon Sun/Moon yet (I'm thinking Sun, but I'm not quite sure), because I have a load of half-finished games at the moment already. This is the first Pokémon game literally since Gen IV that hasn't been spoilered for me before I started playing it, and I know next to nothing about it right now. I want to keep it that way. If anyone gives me a spoiler I will Bullet Punch them.
Also, my laptop now apparently automatically adds the accent into the word Pokémon. And auto-capitalises Pikachu. What a world we live in.
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Ok, so new things are going on in my creative world (I like that phrase). Firstly, my new laptop finally has a drawing program - Paint Tool SAI, which I actually first heard about on here from you guys. As always I'll only ever be doodling on the sidelines, but since I enjoy it there's a fair chance of there being some new art from me at various points as well as writings.

Bigger now: I'm thinking of getting a Wordpress account. I'll use it for, well, uploading everything that isn't fanfic on another site - stuff like Perception and that short I posted earlier today. Since you guys can read all that stuff on here already - this is NOT me leaving DA, this is me posting my stuff to other places as well -, that won't make the biggest difference to you, but if anyone I know on here has a Wordpress account of their own I'd like to connect with you on there as well.

So while I'm uploading various one-shots and the nine-or-so chapters of Perception so far onto Wordpress, what am I going to be doing here? Answer: Pokeumans. And nothing else. That's right, I'm coming back to hang out with my old favourite series again. It's been far too long since I've updated Winner Takes All, and I'm just generally looking forward to coming back to these. So don't worry - all my old stories are about to get some loving. Enjoy.

Man-In-Crowd-4 out. Have a nice day.
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Hey everyone. I've been working quite a bit on FTTS lately - remember that? That old thing? I like that it's a project gathering loads of characters into one place, as a drawing-together-the-group exercise. But there's the question. Do people actually remember that? See, the original version went up about a year ago, and I started working on the updates shortly afterwards. I was going to update it with about fifteen characters at once, but then that proved impractical so I focused on four to start off with. But now that is proving impractical. Here we are nine months later and I've done just under TWO characters. Now I like this project. I don't mind writing it. But I started to get the feeling that if I'm taking this long to do even a small update, people might at best respond to its final release with 'Oh, that. That's nice' and at worst respond with 'Whatever. It's been too long'. Which, to not put to fine a point on it, would mean I was wasting my time.

So here's an idea I had instead.

Firstly, if you've forgotten (or never knew at all) what I'm even talking about: Fighting Talk The Second, a Pokeumans dialogue experiment. Read it here in all its lengthy glory: Fighting Talk The SecondHere it is again! After the first Fighting Talk dialogue experiment was such a success, here after all this time is the second version with even more characters and features, bringing all-new corners of the group together in one place. The experiment is the same: What kind of fighting game-esque dialogue would we get out of our favourite Pokeumans after (or even before) victory in battle against each other? Please read and enjoy – I hope I got them right!
Just a few things first:
- This post is meant to be full of references to events in the group (as well as some external references, let’s not lie), but is also meant to be spoiler-free. So dead characters are written as if they were still alive, anything that crucially changes a story’s plot (and isn’t already pretty well-known) is only alluded to rather than spoiled, that kind of thing. If you see something that takes your interest, read their series and find out what it is!
- I’ve said already, especial
. I have a record of about fifteen (plus) series deserving representation on this that I'm working on - but that's taking a lot of time, as I said.
So I'm thinking, why not change the system.

Rather than doing slow, big updates, I'm thinking do quick(er) smaller updates. New characters would be added with most but not all their lines written, and the gaps filled in over time instead. And likewise for response-lines to them. This means that adding new series would take less time, and then each could be steadily improved on. Basically, I want to make it into a giant WIP. It is an experiment, after all.

Personally, I think this plan would be a lot easier for me to practice. I hate making something like this about me, but trying to pump these out quickly has put me under an immense amount of (totally unnecessary, I am aware) pressure, and this would probably help relieve a lot of that. However, since it's a pretty big change to what's gone on already, I figured I'd want to run it past the intended audience first so it doesn't just look like I'm suddenly half-assing it. So. Does this new idea sound like something that might work? This isn't a 'Do I have people's permission?', because that's just silly, but rather 'I'm thinking of shaking this up majorly, does anyone think this is a bad idea? Also, if this goes ahead then don't be surprised if it looks different to before'. That's what I'm looking at here.

I am also welcome to anyone who wants to help contribute to writing this project, to greater or lesser extent. EddyXS wrote Eric and Vee's dialogue (and in my opinion, did a really good job of it), and Ryusuta wrote Cubone's as well (and also did a great job before I completely butchered it in transition). No pressure - but any help would be appreciated, and might well make for a good community project if people take enough interest.

All comments and thoughts appreciated below!
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Quick status update - I have survived a year of university! Yaaaaay! Now I'm back home and... need a part-time job... well, whatever. At least I now have access to the family desktop while waiting to replace my old laptop! Catching up is long overdue. See you all shortly!

Told you I'd be quick.
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So I've been tagged by Catequin. Sure, why not, it's been a while since I did one of these.

Use this to generate pokemon.
1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
2) Switch to "1"
3) For each question, generate a pokemon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it 4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around 
5) Post these rules

1. This is you

Come at me, I'm literally the fastest starter-bird there is.

2. This pokemon is your rival

Most one-sided rivalry since Cameron Stevens and Alex.

3. This pokemon is deeply in love with you

What is it with me getting Ghosts as crushes in these tag games?!

4. This pokemon is stalking you

Solid Snake-in-a-box, meet Cacnea-in-a-plantpot.

5. This pokemon just stole your cake

I've heard on 'soul food', but what did someone put in my cake? And as it happens, he can keep it.

6. This pokemon is your lab partner

I can't fit how many ways this won't work into just one sentence.

7. This pokemon is your best friend

I have to do double-time on being graceful to make up for this guy.

8. This pokemon is about to fight you

Where's my pin?

9. This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes

...What does he need them for?

10. This pokemon is currently hiding in your house

When the uni accommodation staff find out, they're going to flip a table.

11. This pokemon is your pet


12. This is your new roommate

'So you pay two rounds of rent, right?'

13. This is your new boss

So help me I need a new job.

14. This pokemon watches you while you sleep


15. This pokemon is scared of you

Oh boy. I sure am proud of myself.

16. This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you

He knows what he's doing with those, right?

17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night 

Give him a sofa to lift with and he's fine.

18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head

Does he even fit?

19. This pokemon envies you

He envies not having a rubbish ability.

20. Use this pokemon to tag people


Glameow tags whoever it pleases.

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After a total of about eight years of service, it looks like my laptop is finally giving up and retiring. Which is pretty inconvenient, because it's happened right before my exams. Argh. With a bit of luck I might be able to rescue the data/files on it, but even so it's probably time to look at replacements. Or at least an external back-up drive.
Unfortunately among those files that are currently lost were a handful of new drawings I was going to submit and the latest version of the new Perception chapter. I do have another version of that last one available, but it's two hours' worth of work behind and I'd really rather salvage that than re-write it. And I'd just had Black Falcon blow a door off, too (again). So yeah, that's going to put a delay on the new update. In the meantime... Eh, amy as well do some Pokeumans for a bit. Or something. Who knows!

Speaking of, time for the obligatory comments on the new Pokémon games (the computer I'm using in the SU just auto-changed the e to have an accent over it. Wow)! Seriously, though, colour me interested. I like the new region design from what I've seen so far, but the new starters don't really take my fancy. Then again, I said that about Froakie at Gen VI and then Greninja happened, so there's still time. I think I'll feel a lot better once we find out what that thing in the middle of Rowlett's face is, though. Is it a beak? Nose? Mouth? It bothers me disproportionately, I'm not even kidding.
So am I getting it? Well... maybe not immediately. I mean, come on, I'm going to pick it up at some point, but I think I might wait a bit past the actual release date to get one. Simply put, I've played literally every generation. I've been doing it for years. I have, well, a lot of Pokémon games at the moment, and I've been playing them quite a bit lately. Maybe I'll put this one off, since I have no real need for it right this moment. Of course, at some point I'll catch up to the latest stage of the franchise, but that might not be immediately. That said, who knows what they'll announce between now and November? And I may straight up change my mind. I don't know. Let's wait and see.

Speaking of that, actually... Who here remembers my old Nuzlocke run story? If you don't, it was this: Well, at the moment I am currently playing another Nuzlocke run, and as I play it I am keeping track of the events as a story. Yes, with intent to write them up again. Now I have absolutely no idea when that will actually happen - I'm currently running three stories at once and have the increasing feeling that that wasn't a smart idea -, but at some point, if I have any say... well, it's on the records. :D
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Once upon a time I was tagged by :iconthedragon-empress:. And now I finally got round to doing it. Yay.


1) Post 8 facts about your character
2) Tag 8 other characters
3) Post these rules
4) Post their names along w/ their creator's avatar

Character used: Para/Lyz from Back And Forth

1. For those who don't know already, Para/Lyz originally belonged to Rabbit-In-A-Bottle, as the original form of the character who went on to become Kaysi Evans the Gengsian. When she posted a deviation of Para as a rejected character, though, I said 'If you won't have her, can I?' She said yes, and here we are. Para is relatively intact from her original description, but I will admit that I took Lyz's evilness/scariness up a notch or two from the original bio. As a result Para/Lyz were the first characters created for Back And Forth, after a few other debated plans of what to with her/them.

2. At over 60 million years old, Lyz is probably my oldest OC - in terms of in-universe age - who isn't an ageless celestial entity (like Styx and Bones, the twin harbingers who are due to appear in Perception at, er... some point).

3. Para's battle strategy revolved at first entirely around 'Keep them at a distance and throw things at them mentally'. It took a defeat to Tracey's dance battle technique to make her realise that she needed a close-range move as well, hence her picking up Iron Tail.

4. By the end of the timeskip between Chapters 4 and 5, Para has already had several detentions for either shouting at or picking fights with people who kept messing her about for looking and acting weird.

5. As well as the normal level of pun in the name, another level that I'm not even sure that Tiger know about is that lysis is Latin for 'to split'.

6. One of the things I'm fairly adamant about is that at no point will Lyz compare itself to a god. It just feels a bit awkward for me to write, although there is also the fact that there's no need for Lyz to hyperbolically claim to be a god when it is terrifying enough for it to claim to be Lyz.

7. As a human, Para was a scientific prodigy and was in England as part of an international physics competition. Originally she's from central Europe. She started transforming noticeably while still in the country and was captured, brainwashed and transferred to the base she was in at the start of the story so they could conduct the Lyz experiment on her. For their own convenience the scientists just taught her fluent English and made it her default so she could do reports they actually understood. After breaking free, she had no memory of this and her academic skill was put down to just being a Psychic. Her human clone went on to become a professor of quantum mechanics in Germany.
I literally just made all that up as I was typing this. And now it's canon.

8. As well as in moments of weakness or particularly frenzied battles, Lyz will sometimes override Para in order to save Para's life. The reason for this is that even Lyz doesn't know what will happen to itself when Para dies - it may get unrestricted control of her body, but it may also dissipate into nothing alongside the dominant life-force. Even eldritch abominations know when to fold their cards sometimes.


And now for tagging. Hmm...

:iconjaeger15: with Aaron Cozak.
:iconmarvelhero977: with Dennis from Best Friends Forever.
:icondyxo:with Necro (I had a lot of fun looking through your OC profiles trying to pick one, actually).
:icongalactic-rainbow: with Pluffy the alien.
:iconmightycucumber: with Speck (if you're dropping by dA any time soon).
:iconsilverfae16: with Risa.
:iconsolomansky: with Connor.
:iconstorymwing: with Atlas.
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So, April the First. Gotta love it. I for one will not forget in a hurry the jibe 0bsidianlink made in his gag entry for Pokeumans about how my next chapters for Winner Takes All would be 11-5-3-2 and would have a year's hiatus between each update. Don't worry, Link, I'm not mad. It was actually hilarious. But it's funny because it's true.

Now the part-chapters thing I've nuked once and for all now (see The Great Part-Chapter Erasure of 2016), but the upload thing is a serious point. Ok, so it turns out that parallel-processing three separate series is probably not a good idea. I've just taken a break from actually writing Perception (which was the one next due an update) to do some world-building for it, and it's been great fun. But it also meant I haven't been writing the story itself. I have one original fiction story and two Pokeumans ones on the go at once. I'm also trying to keep abreast of the updates for FTTS that I will not shut up about, and am offhandedly still open to ideas for Things Not To Do. And I have two Pokeumans shorts on the backburner, to be worked on whenever I feel like it. And I told the author of one of my favourite webcomics that I'd do a Tv Tropes page for them (because Pokeumans just wasn't enough, and I like giving people publicity). And I'm getting back into drawing. And I'm trying to read people's actual Pokeumans stories and be a constructive admin. And, amid all that, I'm trying to stop my life just being a whirlwind of obligations and do things because I enjoy them, not because I feel I have to.

You might get the impression from that last paragraph that I'm on the verge of some sort of breakdown. I'm not, I'm really not. I love my hobbies. I still love writing, I still love my stuff, I still love you guys. I wouldn't be doing any of these if I wasn't enjoying them (even Tv Tropes - why do you think I hang out there so much?). But, simply put, I can't do them all at once, and that means that each takes a while. The fact that I only ever do any of these in my spare time anyway means that these can take a long time - some nights, I'm just too darn tired to write anything at all. So this is what I want to know - Is my slow update speed bothering people? Are you getting impatient and frustrated when I don't update a series for ages? I know no-one likes being left hanging - I have stuff I'm interested in that I've been waiting for an update of for a long time now. But both part of what keeps me active and part of when this all starts getting under my feet is when I feel that I'm leaving people in the lurch for six months. Is this the case?

Be honest. If you want to see these stories updated more frequently so you can follow them more naturally, tell me. Reconfiguring is not something I'm afraid of. If it's not a bother, definitely tell me. Then I don't need to worry about it, which will take the pressure (imaginary or otherwise) off. But please tell me, so that I know what the deal is. I know you might see that loads of people have said what you think and so feel you don't need to comment, but if only a couple of people say that they don't mind slow updates then for all I know every single other person feels exactly the opposite and wants them now. The more people tell me, the more decisive the answer I get. And I really need a decisive answer on this one.

Thank you. I love you guys. Have a good day, and Merry, er, April, everyone.
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Ok, so it turns out that you can be slammed heavily and taken down as an online creator for violating Fair Use even if you DIDN'T DO IT, but if the company or studio makes a fraudulent or incorrect claim then there are no sanctions whatsoever and they get to keep all the money they took off you in the process. I'm not one for 'Oh new cause on the Internet everyone rally behind it', or even worrying that people find it difficult to produce, but this is a pretty blatant case of big companies having an unfair advantage over normal people and I definitely care about that. So, Google - Where's The Fair Use?

The guy in this video explains it far better than I can: 

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Sorry to everyone who's waiting for me to reply to their comments. My uni didn't let up for a day as soon as lectures started again. Oh well. I do notice them, I'm just easing out times in which to answer them.

Also, after all the background reading I've been doing for the new FTTS stuff in Pokeumans, I now have a Watchlist stack of 100 updates from the group. Which on the one hand is great, because clearly the group still has plenty of life yet. But if you're waiting for me to catch up on your series - I'm really sorry, but I can't read all those. However, anything put from here on out has a much better chance of being read. I'm not ignoring you, I just wanted to get all this set-up done first.
That also explains why I haven't done any Things Not To Do lately - I needed the time elsewhere. If I get the chance to, you bet I'd love to update that post.

And now, essays call me.
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Wow, I haven't been tagged in a while. Oh well, this time it's :icongalactic-rainbow: to blame.

Hello dear writer, and thanks for trying out my simple little writing meme. You're truly part of a minority here on DeviantArt, since writing is a very small thing indeed. To do this meme, simply copy and paste the below things, and fill them out as much as you wish; if you need more space, simply add it.

1. Introduce yourself, of course. Tell us a few interests; perhaps why you're here on Deviantart, or why you choose to write instead of draw (or both).
Hi everyone, Man-In-Crowd-4 here. I'm a guy from somewhere in Britain who writes because he has a ton of ideas that would be a shame if they never escaped his head and let anyone else see them. Why I'm here on dA specifically, I was attracted by the art and then realised that they did writing too. What more to love?

As for why I write instead of draw, simple: I'm a million times better at writing. I like drawing, but only concept/character art and one-panel shots. More than that and the timescales start becoming ridiculous for even a short strip. Writing's much easier - and allows for all kinds of fun with narration, too.

2. Hmmm, that is interesting. Now that the formalities are out of the way, what do you write? (Poetry, stories, etc.)
I mostly write stories, particularly prolonged series (twenty chapters is kind of standard unless I specifically engineer otherwise). I sometimes do one-shots, although these usually stem from my main series ('series' in these sentences is plural, by the way). Poetry may happen if I have an idea for one, but only very, very rarely.

3. I see, I see. Well, so what do you like to write about? Go on, don't be shy about it. Nobody's judging you.
I started off and am still continuing with Pokemon fanfic. Go on, (Mary) sue me. It was just what I had ideas for first. Then after a few years I sat down and said 'Right, I'm going to start doing original fiction too', if just to prove that I was able to and could do more than Pokeymans all day. I have plans for both more Pokemon stories and more original stories - there's no shame in either by this point.

The original fiction in question is usually fantasy, mostly stemming from my old literary diet of Discworld, Skulduggery Pleasant and the like. Not exactly a light-hearted romp, but doesn't take itself too seriously and has a sense of humour - at least, that's what I aim for. I can do serious, though - very serious when needs be. There is pretty much one character in all my stories that goes through absolute hell while everyone else has a great time. I've created some story concepts that are actually pretty freaking disturbing - they're just not what I write about usually. Most of the time it's fun, rolling up the sleeves when it has to.

4. I wasn't quite expecting that from you, and think that I thought I knew you. Ok then, how did you really get into writing?
I've been playing with story concepts practically all my life (not even joking, ever since back when I was single-digits old) - just taking things from other places, mixing them together, pretending I'd created something all-new. I'd be lying if I said I didn't do anything of that kind anymore, although there's nothing new left to write about anyway (it's all been used up, after all). dA was a place where I could start writing some of those. What got me writing on dA? By chance, I discovered the :iconpokeumans: group and couldn't stop myself getting ideas for 'Oh, well if I was going to write a story for this, I'd do this in it'. And then I realised that nothing was actually stopping me, not even what people would think of the quality of the result since it was an anonymous username. One Pokeumans story lead to more ideas, other things like PMD-E and Nuzlockes happened, and now here I am six chapters into an original fiction story. Huh. Strange how these things happen.

5. Oh, I can probably relate that. You talked about why, what, and how, so, when did you really start writing?
As I said, I've been 'writing' (playing with stories) all my life. I started publishing stuff online shortly before I turned fourteen (true story - Cameron Stevens of Room 181 is fourteen because at the time that I started writing it I was towards the end of being thirteen and thought I was being super-clever making him fourteen so that he'd be the same age as me as I wrote most of the story. Heh. I finished that story around three years later).

6. That long ago, really? Alright, one last little question. Who got you into writing? Did you get inspired by an author, or maybe someone just got the idea into your head to write?
I blame pokemonmanic3595 for getting me actually writing, him and his Pokeumans group that I love so much. As I said, much of my style comes from the fantasy stuff I read a lot of when younger/not so younger. I'd like to take this chance to shout out to :devjaegar15: and Jsekela77, the first ones to tell me that any of this stuff was actually good and worth reading in any way. You have no idea how much that meant to me at the time.

7. Ok, ok. I suppose that's enough of 20 questions. So why don't you go ahead and show us a paragraph or a few lines of a poem? (But it's gotta be original for this, don't think I won't be watching!)
(I actually had the idea for this on the train earlier. It's technically for an upcoming series, but it's so far in the future - as in, years away - that it may as well be original.)

'Evil? Am I evil? What do you know about that question, Dargon? Oh, you see in people all the time, that's your job. Isn't it? You and your band of sickening little heroes. They make my skin crawl. But do you know what counts as evil? Is conquest evil? Not inherently - mankind conquered the world long ago, and no-one persecutes them for it. Is pushing the boundaries evil? If it is, go back to your righteous house and enjoy no food and no heating. Is power evil? Then go and arrest every world leader, every governor, every student council president and see how that works out for you. I have put a lot of effort into this project, Dargon. I worked the skin off my back. Is it not right that I now get to enjoy the rewards for my work? Is working hard evil? Tell me, since you are clearly as learned as I in these matters. What are you even fighting, Dargon? Is ambition evil? Is pride evil? Is greed evil?'

'Yes.' Dragon growled through his teeth and unconsciously tightened his grip on his holster. 'Pride and greed are two of the deadliest sins there are. There's not much that's inherently evil, that much I know, but there's a lot of things that can be used that way. You - yeah, you, Morken, you're good at this - could find a way to save the world from destruction solely because it furthered your own selfish plan. There's not a lot of things that are instantly evil, but there's a lot of things that tend to attract that kind of person.'

'Oh'. Morken tilted his head and shrugged. 'Well, in that case I guess I'm evil then. Huh. Funny, I never thought of myself that way before.'

8. Ah, quite touching. I suppose that's all I can really say for this one dear writer within this art site. If you know any other writers, feel free to forc....erm..."politely ask" any other writers you know here to give their hand at filling this thing out.
Hm... MarvelHero977 Wiffer17 xXunovianXx Ryusuta solomansky MegaCharmoeleonX :iconjaegar15:. That's enough for now, I think.
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IT IS THE TAGGINATIONS! Yes, :iconspoonerdog123: has caught me up in her latest nefarious Pokextinction ploy etc etc. I've actually revealed a lot of the backstage stuff about my writing already - -, but I'm pretty sure there's more. Why not?

1. I struggle writing fight scenes. Which is ironic, because all my fight scenes are way too long, but I do. I keep feeling that they can't just punch each other - especially not in Pokeumans, where they have freaking superhuman powers for goodness' sake -, so I make them go the mile extra and do something more elaborate and just plain not boring. But you have to think of what they're going to do, even if you take out the dramatic element, and I find that difficult sometimes. That said, I'm a lot better than I used to be. I think the length thing mostly comes from me thinking 'Would that have knocked them out, realistically? No? Alright, keep going' - apparently I overestimate my own characters!

2. I often create a character concept-first. I just get an idea that can be as simple as 'the hero's rival' or practically lays their character and role out for me, and then personality, name, relationship and other incidental details accrue from there.

3. I love slipping in in-jokes. This isn't news, but what might be news is that whenever you see a foreign language phrase in one of my stories, it's probably worth translating. In Nuzlocke: The Gold Standard, for instance, Will of the Elite Four enters while declaring in Latin 'The translator is not available, please try again later'. 

4. I will proof-read a chapter as many three times through before uploading. And that's just normal chapters - the Made In His Image mini-arc from Winner Takes All was proof-read roughly five times before upload.

5. If it wasn't for tf fic, I wouldn't be a writer today. No, really. It's not the most glamourous of origins, but it's mine so what're you going to do. I love transformation - that and mind control are two of my favourite plot devices -, and searching tf stuff online was what lead me to dA. Searching within that lead me to this one story called 'Pokeumans', the bullet point no. 10 happened and the rest is history.
One of the nice things about this, of course, is that I know I am in no way the only one. ^^

6. Remember PMD-E? I had plans for a third team in the Rescuers Guild - Team Supernova - with a Chikorita and a Piplup, and a third member of Team Dark Stars, Benji the Oshawott. But as well as the level of work this would have added, I felt I didn't like the direction the group was going and decided to leave shortly before the group announced that it was folding anyway. I never got involved with PMD-Unity, which many people see as the sequel group.

7. Some details of my characters are ambiguous because even I don't know/haven't decided. These include Jupiter's real name, how old Dexter the time traveller is and who finally defeats Emily.

8. Characters that have inspired or contributed to the character of OCs currently in my gallery include Ayame Sohma, C. Viper, Vega, Juri Han, Dan Hibiki, Yun, Dudley, Ingrid (holy cow I never realised how much inspiration I've got from Street Fighter characters), Dante and Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer!. Characters that have inspired or contributed to the character of other OCs I have created include Nasus, Jinx, Irelia, Sasha (Housepets), Nathan 'RAD' Spencer, Painwheel, Edna Mode, Rocket Raccoon, Artemis Fowl, The Mountain, Private Donut and Greek mythology. See point 10 :D.
8.5. Lars and Xin from Room 181 originated in my playthrough of Pokemon White 2. They practically have the same personality I imagine them having in the game, including their tense relationship with each other. Yeah, I over-characterise RPG characters sometimes.

9. I find the absolute hardest scenes to write are the ones where you have to convey a certain emotion or impression to the audience, because simply put you have to make sure that you actually do so. The hardest ones that stand out to me were Goldenrod City Gym (making it tragic), Colin's evolution (making it funny) and Lewis and Isaac's fight in Winner Takes All (you can't claim these characters are badass if they aren't actually badass).

10. A lot of the stuff I create is because I frequently see something else in a different work and want to do something similar. I'm very prone to wanting to try new things with writing, which in a way is great, and often I'll see things like Skippy's List, Genre Savviness guides, fighting game dialogue etc and just start dreaming up ideas for what I'd do if I did something similar. Then after a while I've eventually done so much in my head that I go 'Ah, what the heck' and turn it into a full post and project for dA. Should I? Maybe not. But it does get me doing new things.

Tags, oh gosh...
:iconsolomansky: :iconstorymwing: :iconsilverfae16: :iconmarvelhero977: :iconwiffer17: :icondyxo: :iconmightycucumber: Er... I think most of the other people I'd go for have been tagged already. If any of you have already been done, my bad.
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Right. I've had enough of all this 'Chapter 3 Part Three' and 'Chapter 8 Part Four Part Two' rubbish. People keep flagging up for me that my chapters are too freaking long, and you know what? You're right. They are. So that's going to be something I'm going to work on from now. I appreciate all feedback on future chapter about whether I do well at achieving that or not.

But as part of that, I have also gone back though all my old and dear series, and sorted out all those silly little half chapters and odd bits here and there. Oh no. We're going full numbers from here, and that means going part and doing full numbers in the past too.
And I honestly think they benefit from it. 

You may notice that a few still have things 'Part 1' attached. Those are there for a reason, though - things like the Made In His Image mini-arc from Winner Takes All, the How The Other Half Live chapter that follows it which is continuous down to the character limit (you guys do know that it's not actually exactly on the precise file limit, right?), and things like Room 181 Ch. 2.5 or Nuzlocke: The Gold Standard Ch. 14.5 where there wasn't enough to qualify it as a full chapter, but too much to tag it on the end or start of the chapters on either side. In a similar vein, you may yet see more 'part-chapters' - but only because it works for narrative reasons to do so, not because I didn't realise that there was two chapters' worth of material in one chapter. From now on, if there's a chapter's worth of material it's a chapter. End of.

It's been coming for a long time, frankly.
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(Note that not all writers do these, but only writers do these.)

- You wake up and you have to write that dream down before it disappears from your mind.

- You have a notebook with lists of plot twist ideas but no idea of what plots they're connected to.

- Your computer's dictionary of recognised words looks like gibberish to anyone else.

- You listen to music and wonder which of these songs fit various characters you've created.
:bulletblack: You're disproportionately happy about having a character that fits a really weird or conceptualised song.
:bulletblack: You've created characters this way.

- When you come across a convenient long list of names - eg. the programme at an awards ceremony -, you keep it so you can use it to help name characters later.

- You pick up a flyer for a show and are annoyed that you didn't think of that concept first.

- You're slightly nervous about getting into a new show or franchise because you suspect you might be inspired to try writing something similar, and you have way too many projects on the go already.

- You want to complain about how hard it is to keep naming new characters, but you know that if you do someone will say 'Well, have you done one with my name?' and somehow the answer is always 'Er, no'.

- You've considered what you'd do if one or more of your characters just showed up at your door in real life.

- You secretly quite excited about the idea of having your own Tv Tropes page.

- You come up with an analogy or comparative phrase in your story so good that you feel smug all week about it.
:bulletblack: You then use that phrase again in other series, because it worked so well last time.
:bulletblack: You start using that phrase in real life to see how people respond to it.

- You've casually compared your characters to people you know in real life of the same name. Few of them ever match.
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God bless you all for next year and what's left of this one! Since I'm now a student, the most useful thing I got this year was probably money. Not that I didn't get some other fun stuff too, et alone spending time with the family again after a semester away!

We should do this again sometime. I propose next December. :D

(I'll reply to people's messages once the festive rush dies down a bit, I promise!)
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Guys. I'm still alive. My writing state has been appalling lately - mix of workload, lack of inspiration and general sloppy self-discipline - and it has been two months since I last uploaded something. I am still a writer. Here is what is happening with all my works!

- Main Pokeumans series!
Having just finished four chapters (technically six chapters, since one was a three-parter) worth of Perception, I'm coming back to Pokeumans next. Parallel processing will continue from here between Pokeumans and Perception, but the very next full chapter I'll start working on is - for a change - Back And Forth Ch. 6.

- Perception! 
Pretty much said it above, but: It's not going to be the next thing I write, but rest assured that I WILL keep writing it. Even if it looks like I'm busy writing something else as well. I don't just cancel series like that. 

- Fighting Talk The Second!
A lot of people said 'This is great, but could you not have done a version with some of the more recent characters as well?' when I posted FTTS. Well you clearly all tl;dr'd the description, because I said directly that I'm doing an update to do exactly that thing. This post will be brought up to date, and may updates roll from there! Hopefully. I am working on selecting the new characters right now, and once that is done I will start work on new dialogue. And to prove that this is so, here are all the characters I have chosen so far: Patrick the Lucario (Crossroads), Elijah the Blaziken (Divided I Stand), Subject-III the Espeon (A Dark Epson's Guidance), Tad the Delphox (Fire of the Delphox), Sophie the Gardevoir (Pokeumans French Story), Onym the Sableye (Gem Hunter), Anthony the Charmander (In Plain Sight), Cameron the Typhlosion (The Renegade), Anna the Glaceon (Separated), Dashielle the Dragonite (The Society), Oliver the Rpaidash (The Society - may take him out, not sure), Raaz the Hydreigon (A Price To Pay), Liorna the Dragonair (A Price To Pay), Jason the Sandslash (Story of Cubone, representing Book II). I am currently reading Remember Mortality:Lion's Rise to find a representative or two from there. This IS going to happen.

- Things Not To Do In A Pokeumans Base!
It never dies, it just comes back stronger. However, it may have to wait until I'm done amassing characters for FTTS. Then again, I might just blitz it and do a bunch before then, I honestly don't know. But that's not dead either. Also, for the second time ever since the post began, I've run out of audience suggestions for the post. Don't leave me hanging guys, I know you've still got some absolute gems out there somewhere!

- Watchlist backlog!
Let me finish amassing for FTTS first, again. That goes for Pokeumans too - I haven't ignored your spinoff, I'm just busy reading other spinoffs. I can only do so many Pokeymans at once.

- Nuzlocke!
Wait, what?

- Other stuff!
I'll be publishing the stuff I was using as writing-block-beaters soon, once they're actually finished and stuff. I am also, and I swear I'm actually going to work at it somewhat this time, trying to get back into the swing of drawing and art. It's fun - it's just also time-consuming, and time a precious resource for engineering undergraduates. It'll mostly be short posts and quick pics, but I am accumulating ideas for art to draw at a ridiculous rate. So I'll get started, then.

That is the current state of play! I have far too much to do, but I have a vague plan and a determination to do it regardless! Resume your Internets, all! Peace out.
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Ok, ok, I made it. I'm now a university student. Huzzahs all round. There's just one tiny problem - I have no idea how much free time I have.
In theory there's a lot of space in my timetable but any time between 9 and 5 is working time, end of. There's a lot of external reading to consider, I need to spend time with my flatmates but I also want to at least try to get involved with the university societies. In short, I am really busy.

So the upshot of this is: Yes, I am still on dA. Yes, I still want to read/see everyone's work. But I have no idea when or how much I'll be able to. Especially if you're in Pokeumans, just because I haven't commented or even read the latest chapter doesn't mean I don't care. It just means that I don't have time to read it yet. I also don't know how much time I have for writing, because when we do stuff as a flat it always ends really late. I want to, I really do. I have the latest updates for a lot of stuff on the brink of being ready. But even finding time to finish polishing them is going to be hard.

In short, I may not be able to comment, post or reply to much for quite a while until I work out how my new form of life works and how to use the time I have. Please, please bear with me. I am not leaving, but I may find it difficult to continue at the moment. As soon as I get a chance, I'll be back. But goodness knows when that is.
I just figured you should all know what was going on.
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Basically, I just want everyone to know what's going on in my corner of the Internet. I know it's been ages since I posted anything, but that's a mix of a lot of writing to do and a lot of external life factors going on as well. The good news, though, is that I'm still on it!

- Perception's next chapter is not far off being finished, although it's a doozy in terms of length. I think this will be the first one I ever deliberately split into two regardless of actual file constraints. There'll be proof-reading as well, but that is definitely in the works.

- Winner Takes All and Back And Forth are still on the go, don't worry about them - I'm just staggering what I'm writing at the moment. I actually have a small part for Winner Takes All ready to submit; I'll probably do it alongside part of Perception to keep them ticking over at the same time. After four chapters Perception will be in a position both in terms of current length and also the plot where I'll be able to go back and work on Pokeumans a bit more. It'll be like that from here on out - a bit of one, a bit of the other. Although probably not four chapters at once.

- Things Not To Do In A Pokeumans Base is not disappearing any time soon, don't you worry about that.

- And finally, the other thing. Guys, it's finally done. It's been two years in the making but Fighting Talk The Second for Pokeumans is finally done. It's ready. Over fifty characters for the group in one place. And I'm going to upload it before next Friday. It won't be in the format you're expecting it to be, unless you saw what I was saying about it on Skype, but don't worry. There's plenty of it there. I hope you all enjoy reading it, because I've had a lot of fun writing it.

So, I figured you were all due an update on what the heck I'm doing with myself over here. See you all soon, I promise!
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It's that time again! The time when MIC swans off to another country and does a good bit of brainstorming while he's there. Just a heads-up that this may mean that I don't respond to everything I get over this week, but I WILL see it.

In fact, I tthink I may be entering a phase where I don't/can't read all the pieces of literature that flag up in my Watchlist. I really want to, and will do all I can, but I think I'm at that point - and will definitely be at that point come university - where I have to choose how spend my time wisely, and there will be other priorities too. I will do what I can, I promise. I'm just saying time isn't an infinite resource and literature takes time to appreciate.

On the plus side, I will still be making time to write regularly, blips (like Fresher's Week) aside. Perception Ch. 3 is already in the works. Don't worry, Pokeumans - after four chapters I'm going to go back to parallel-processing again and do both series together. No way am I giving up on Rob, Scott abd Para before thei time, no way.

Have a good wekk, everyone! Be kind to llamas. :iconfeelingfreeplz: