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Winner Takes All Ch. 13
Chapter 13: The Thing In Lewis' Suitcase
'Well then. I see you've met The Thing.'
I couldn't say anything. My mind was still a shaken mess from that experience, and now I was here, and as Lewis and Nicole looked down at me like judges my internal shame and self-blame were both vying for my attention. I'd done it. I can't believe I was so stupid. And now I was here and I was staring at the floor trying to think what had possessed me to think this was a good idea. How could I possibly get out of this? I had only been curious... I...
I couldn't really get out. The heavy hand was on my mind that weaselling was the wrong approach to this. It was a time to face the music. I hate that feeling. I wanted to slink away.
The only reason I hadn't turned around was because then I'd have to look at that box, and I'd rather eat paint before I let it scare me like that again.
Oh. It turns out I'm going to have to lead. Slowly, I ra
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Winner Takes All Ch. 12
Chapter 12: Respite and Regather
It felt like a long way back to Room 394. Not much was said between us - what do you say? I certainly had a lot to think about. Lewis walking beside me was a source of silent encouragement, a reminder that I wasn't alone in what had just happened. But then, I could remember only too vividly when that presence had been turned against me as well. But I had survived that. I mean, I was still here. I could survive this too, right? It wasn't so bad... in comparison...
...Who am I kidding? It was just bad in different ways. I knew I was alright. What worried me, was stuck somewhere deep down, was - is Charmeleon going to be alright?
Could he really ever be?
We may have fallen into a sullen mood on our way home, but the tone shift issue on getting back was thankfully answered for us as the door to our room slid open, and our troubled faces were met at the door by Nicole standing there
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Hot Coffee
Hot Coffee (or, Everything I Know About Time Travel I Learned From The Internet)
Astro Layssen sat back at the table in the bustling coffee house and wondered how many times he'd been here already.
You always like to imagine that your favourites never change, but of course the rose-tinted glasses can hide the details. The photo on the wall, for instance, showed an open viewscape of fields of coffee beans, instead of the old black-and-white shot of two people (who had probably never met each other before) laughing as old friends over steaming cups that he remembered them putting in later. The striking new red and orange fabric had not yet been brought in to replace to old and patched upholstery. The extremely harassed-looking barista-waiter was definitely a retro addition. Someone shouted in the corner for two vanilla americanos and Astro smiled. Details come and go, you can't avoid that - but the soul of the place hadn't changed. Just like he remembered.
He took a deep drink of
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Experiment - Multi-Authored Poetry
Passing by, you light up my darkest sky
Going away, driving on a Saturday night.
Don't believe me if I tell you,
I caught you smiling at me
I see the moon, a million stars are out tonight.
Disenchanted lullabies,
I, I wish I could swim
I wake up every evening
I never thought that I was so blind.
Well, guess who just got back today
It's been such a long time
Every time I see you, something happens to me.
Goodbye, Norma Jean,
It's coming out all around the world
I get up, and nothing gets me down.
Can't you understand me
Dustland fairytale beginning
If I could ride this line into forever
Good and bad, I swear I've had them both
Hit my snooze alarm for the twenty-seventh time.
Tony came back to town,
Charades, pop skill, water hyacinth.
I am just a cowboy, lonesome on the trail.
C'mon, all you people
Dogs of war, men of hate
What're we going to do now?
Waking up I see that everything is ok
Sleepless nights and endless days
Can you hear me calling?
Here in the house.
(This poem was constru
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Perception Ch. 8.5
Chapter 8.5: A Spot Of Tea
In a different part of the multiverse, Beatrice Phidel closed the window and gazed out thoughtfully into the evening sky. Summer evenings were always pleasant - sweltering heat becoming soothing cool as the sky turned dark by shades. At the point of sunset, it was almost as if the sky itself was being coloured in by the orange glow of the Bidfold-on-Trent streetlights writ large. Of course, that wasn't for a couple of hours - but there was no need to rush an evening like this.
No need at all. She gracefully walked over to the patterned sofa she had been resting on just before, ignoring the obnoxious braying of next-door's dog from outside, and lay back again with the peaceful sigh of a good day well used. Letting her hair fall where it landed, Beatrice meticulously picked a spot off her skirt and then reached out to the old wooden sideboard. Perfect. Her tea had just cooled to the right temperature. This was all you could ask for, she thought to herself as sh
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All My OCs - By Series
Two things really took me by surprise when I did that list of all my OCs at the start of the year: one, I kept updating it rather than leaving it as-is, and two, other people did versions of their own. Wow! A lot of them, though, were organised by series rather than in a big alphabetical list like mine. Personally I quite like the big alphabetical list, so that’s the version I will likely keep updating, but I thought it was really interesting to do my own version with them all by series as well. Besides, it helps give you an idea of who these names all are, especially since there are so many of them!
Some versions of this, like Huntress-of-Hearts’ version, use nifty formatting tricks with italics and underlining to show which characters were more important than others. I’ve gone for a much simpler system – the closer you are to the top, the more important you are. Bear in mind with this, though, the ‘central’ characters of each series will gener
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Perception Ch. 8
Chapter 8: Room Service
'Room for two for one night will cost you fifteen.'
Lucian folded his arms. 'Twelve.'
'You know what? Fine. It's late.' The lich behind the wooden counter turned around to pick the key off the rack and Lucian smiled tightly at a deal well won. Without turning his head he said 'Jason, stop staring.'
'I'm not staring!'
'You've been staring at everything since we got into this city. Also, you sound defensive when you're lying.'
'But that thing has a shelled carapace and an eye in the middle of its face and-'
'Then stop staring at it. You want to draw its attention?'
'One floor up,' the lich declared in its eternally dry voice, turning back as it slapped the key onto the table. 'Eighth corridor, first room.' Lucian scooped the key up and automatically began towing Jason towards the staircase past a couple staring romantically through the window, ignoring the other boy's protests at being manhandled so.
'That thing could have vapourised you in an inst
:iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 1 4
Jack and Alice - When You Were Young by Man-in-crowd-4 Jack and Alice - When You Were Young :iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 1 8
Perception Ch. 7
Chapter 7: Teenager On Top of the World (Meanwhile)
From the window you could see right the way across the horizon, spotless blue sky stretching brightly over great swathes of field, forest, farmland and dirt. Flowing across the landscape were the cities, huge sprawling masses of urbanisation from Beluvia in the south to Lerrus in the north-east, spilling out over the plain like concrete lakes. On a good day you could even see Antu-wp just over the horizon. Lucy looked out over all this land from her window, and knew that one day she would own it all.  
She hated that thought. It spoiled her ability to enjoy the view.  
It wasn't her fault that they had an excellent vantage and view point in this building. In the millennia gone by it had served the previous occupants well to build the giant stone castle on the top of a mountain with a cliff on three sides and a long, straight uphill road leading up the other. It made it easy to spot maraudin
:iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 2 6
Humans 1, Pokemon 0 by Man-in-crowd-4 Humans 1, Pokemon 0 :iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 2 14 Travis and Tracey - Pollyanna (I Believe In You) by Man-in-crowd-4 Travis and Tracey - Pollyanna (I Believe In You) :iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 1 0 Between The Two Of Me by Man-in-crowd-4 Between The Two Of Me :iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 2 12 A Design I Drew Earlier by Man-in-crowd-4 A Design I Drew Earlier :iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 0 4
Back And Forth Ch. 7
Chapter 7: Crash Course
'I don't want to hear it.'
Behind his desk the Charizard was a looming shadow of flame. Tongues of fire flickered around the edges of his jaw like his personal vitriol in visible form. The Maractus could do nothing but baulk before it, beads of sweat running down his face as he did. Whether it was the heat or the fear was a purely academic detail.
'Unless you have a perfect excuse for your failure and a detailed stratagem for how to actually achieve your goal next time, I suggest you choose your words carefully,' the Commander said like a falling anvil. 'You told me your soldiers were sufficient.'
'They are, sir!' the Maractus pleaded desperately. 'They are strong and capable battlers, all of them-'
'Then kindly tell me how they failed to assassinate a FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD BOY!' the Commander bellowed in a sudden roar that make his Units Master buckle in fright. 'If they can't even kill him, how are they possibly going to recapture a girl
:iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 3 9
OC Species Chart by Man-in-crowd-4 OC Species Chart :iconman-in-crowd-4:Man-in-crowd-4 0 18
All My OCs - So Far
So recently in the attempt of finishing off the latest chapter of one of my series I came down with a serious writing funk and potential dose of the dreaded Writer's Block, which was extremely un-fun. One of the things I used to get by it was an exercise in listing all of my OCs that I've ever created, whether they've been published to dA or not or whether they ever will be published to dA or not. And then I uploaded said list, because I felt it worth sharing. I don't know why, I just did.
Just saying: Some of these names are prospective, and may be changed when appearing in an actual story. Some characters have been put together in a group where individuals haven't been differentiated from each other enough yet. Also, I apologise for some very similar names, and some where I hadn't realised that I had outright used the same one twice. The high number of Cam/Camerons is due to 1) in-universe cloning and 2) mentally adding extra characterisation to faceless RPG heroes that were n
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Burn Away - Page 21 by justsnooze Burn Away - Page 21 :iconjustsnooze:justsnooze 210 57 Dimensional Scream by honrupi Dimensional Scream :iconhonrupi:honrupi 296 27 68- Winging It by Epifex 68- Winging It :iconepifex:Epifex 237 53 The Last Cup of the Day by Tikrekins The Last Cup of the Day :icontikrekins:Tikrekins 850 48 Hope In Friends Chapter 1 Page 31 by Zander-The-Artist Hope In Friends Chapter 1 Page 31 :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 87 67 ES: Q-36 by PKM-150 ES: Q-36 :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 175 97 My Oath To You: Chp. 1 Pg. 7: Lessons (Part 3) by Rasarak My Oath To You: Chp. 1 Pg. 7: Lessons (Part 3) :iconrasarak:Rasarak 96 48 My Oath to You, Chp.1 Pg. 4. Assurance (Part 3) by Rasarak My Oath to You, Chp.1 Pg. 4. Assurance (Part 3) :iconrasarak:Rasarak 62 33 PMD: VF - 567: A Youthful Indiscretion by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 567: A Youthful Indiscretion :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 240 88 PMD: VF - 528: Terminology by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 528: Terminology :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 200 63 PMD: VF - 482: An Unusual Set of Skills by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 482: An Unusual Set of Skills :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 177 44 PMD: VF - 478: Going Down by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 478: Going Down :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 151 48 Incineroar's Suplex Hold by HiKazeDragon Incineroar's Suplex Hold :iconhikazedragon:HiKazeDragon 203 11 Just a big cat? by Kikaigaku Just a big cat? :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 1,091 98 Tenshi Baku-Hiroshima Habanero Wasabi-Mon #239 by Epifex Tenshi Baku-Hiroshima Habanero Wasabi-Mon #239 :iconepifex:Epifex 249 88


United Kingdom
Current Residence: Uk, somewhere
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: My dad. I'm so shameless
Favourite style of art: Detailed. Conceptual art just frustrates me.
Operating System: Anything
MP3 player of choice: Whatever phone I happen to have at the time.
Shell of choice: Blastoise, but only if I get those cannons. No? Bowser.
Skin of choice: Does anyone else think of Silence of the Lambs when they read this?
Favourite cartoon character: Ooh... Tom and Jerry.
Personal Quote: Thinking inside the box doesn't leave much room to work with.
I'm feeling a lot better about my writing at the moment, and indeed in general, and a massive thank you to everyone who waited patiently for me. This journal is primarily to say that I am officially cancelling my original fiction series, Perception. I um-ed and ah-ed over this, but I realised that I just don't like it as a series. Having spent roughly November to February rewriting large chunks of the plot (if you're wondering why I didn't submit anything within that time period, that's why), there were still things I really wasn't happy about with it as a series. This wasn't even small details, this was things in the nature of the setting and in solid, fundamental characters - ie. things that would require rewriting the story universe itself, let alone this episode of it. The other thing, and this is what really got me, is that I realised I was thinking of it as something I needed to get past in order to write stuff I was really looking forward to. 'In that case,' I thought, 'why not just write that?'

So the plan is; Perception will go back on the shelf. At some point in the future - distant, don't hold your breath for it -, I will come back after I'm done with the things I'm hyped about at the moment and will really get the pliers out to remove every last thing I don't like. And then write it again, much better. Either that, or I will allow myself to pillage all the concepts I like from it and put them in other stories, so that nothing of actual value is lost. I apologise to anyone who was waiting on the conclusion with baited breath, but I just found so many things I didn't like about it. I've learned a lot about the writing process from this, though - it hasn't just been a wasted experience, I've learned about how to (and not to) plan stories in an effective, fun way. Already I'm bandying about plot ideas in my head that I'm very pleased with, and I hope the next original story will be much more fun for both me and you guys.

And besides, that series name was bloody stupid.

No changes have occurred with Pokeumans stories, or with larger Pokeumans projects (people are asking about a potential return for Things Not To Do - well, maybe. I mean, if there's interest, right?), so no worries if you're just here for that. I think I'll upload the edited versions of the chapters I've redone for Perception, because I was rewriting a lot of them anyway to accommodate for the canon I had to change. Also, for those who wonder if not updating one of my stories in months means it's over; this is what me cancelling a story looks like.

Onward to much better stories! I shall let you know how progress is getting on as it happens.
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